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We had a great lookbook shoot a few weeks ago with the lovely team at Jackson's Fashion. Heather (the designer!) loves to work with the same models on each shoot as she feel's they really represent her brand & audience and they really complement eachother too - so it was great to work with Louise & Renae again on this project. 

This shoot was the SS17 swimwear collection. As always with the Jackson's team, we aim to create something vibrant and eye-catching with a summery vibe to co-incide with the whole brand identity, so we had the pleasure of shooting at the Hollyoaks set which gave us lots of location variety to achieve this.

For most of these shots, we used our Canon 5D mark ii, with a Tamron 18-270mm lens & plentttyyy of gorgeous sunny natural light which is my fave. The light was strong, which can be difficult to work with at times, direct sunlight can be both a blessing and a curse- beautiful glows and tones yet loads of shadows that you don't necessarily want - such as under the eyes etc, but with the use of some diffusers and reflectors, it wasn't much of an issue! Are there any specific ways you tackle direct sunlight when you're working outdoors? comment below! 

We love having the opportunity to shoot with a familiar team every so often- we're on the same page, the pressure is off, the team are more like your friends and you can take things easier than usual...aswel as getting more from your models as they're also a lot more relaxed.

Here are some of the shots we created - nice work team! 

Models: Renae Hughes | Louise Weir 

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