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Right, we'd be lying if we said the team didn't enjoy this shoot!

We had the pleasure of working alongside MANOEL on their advertisement and product photography recently.

Manoel is a brand new mens underwear line with really thought-out designs & attention to detail when it comes to the underwear material and fit.

Our mood board involved quite suggestive, yet classic mens underwear imagery, so we had the baby oil ready to smother the lads in to get abit of a steamy vibe. Based at our studio, we worked with a variety of different backgrounds and lighting to create the final images, one of our favourite section's being the 'blues'. To achieve this look, we used a blue gel over a Lastolite RayD8 light, alternating between using one or two of these depending on how soft or hard we preferred the colours to be. Tom's blue eyes really popped with these colours so it was a nice effect.

Our videography intern Ellena was also on set to shoot footage for a BTS promo film which will be featured alongside the photographs.

The guys at MANOEL will be launching their online store at over the coming days. Lads, check them out!


Photography: Dollworx

Videography: Ellena McConville Models: Rob & Tom @ Pulse Agency


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